February 2021

Mealtih Fighter Chicken Punch Mealtih Fighter Chicken Punch

Mealtih Fighter Chicken Punch – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, the following is an article that discusses training fighting cock fighting strokes.

To create a fighting cock that has a hard, fast and deadly punch, of course, it must be trained and cared for as well as possible. This is where the role of botoh ayam / owner of fighting cocks is needed. maybe for seniors botoh fighting cocks who are already seniors, of course they already know very well how to train fighting cocks so they can have a hard and deadly punch.

Tips for training the fighting cock stroke

Running Practice

For running training, it can usually be done in various ways. there are also those who use special tools in the form of a rotary cage and there are also those who only use simple techniques so that the chicken has the characteristics of a Bangkok chicken with a deadly blow. however, no matter how it is, running training is still what is most needed. because to train the ability of the chicken leg muscles and also the breathing of the fighting cock.

Muscle Building Exercises

After the above stage is complete, then the next step is to form the chicken muscles. this can be done by giving exercise to the chicken leg. generally in this muscle training most people use a barbell on both chicken legs. another way is to press the chicken’s body down and usually the chicken will escape by walking forward. give this exercise regularly until the chicken is a little tired. Another way is by confining it in a shorter cage and juxtaposing it with other chickens so that the chickens are actively moving. after giving this muscle exercise is complete the chicken is back in the slap.

Technique of Training the Fighting Chicken Punch

Punch Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTraining

After the chicken has strong muscles, the next step is to provide training to create a quick punch. This exercise is done by swimming and cliters. It is intended that the muscular muscles of the chicken have an active movement so that the chicken looks more agile. because at the previous stage of muscle building, the chicken will look stiff due to the weight training given. so in this speed training will return the movement to be more active. Swimming exercises can be done three (3) times a week while cliter can be done every day.

Jump Exercises

A high chicken jump will certainly be able to reach the opponent’s head when releasing a punch. other than that this jump can avoid the opponent’s attack. so to practice the Bangkok chicken jump is very useful so that our chickens are getting superior when competing in the arena. for practice it can be done by putting it in a cage that has no roof. usually the chicken will jump up and then lower the chicken back down. another way is to push the chicken down and raise it up then throw it upwards with the feet up. Technique of Training the Fighting Chicken Punch